Chrissie Wellington: UCI Boss Has A Good Influence On Women’s Cycling

August 26th, 2014 — 2:56pm

Cycling is no longer considered to be a sport in which only men could participate. Today, women in large numbers are engaging in cycling. Women cyclists have turned out to be way better than men cyclists.

At the professional cycling level, UCI boss- Brian Cookson has had a very good influence on Women’s cycling according to Chrissie Wellington (Ironman Champion). Wellington has always supported women’s cycling and has campaigned in order to ensure that the coverage and reporting of women’s cycling is done efficiently.

In the month of July 2014, Chrissie Wellington was also closely associated with the La Course by Le Tour de France which was held in Paris. La Course was the very first edition of women’s professional cycling race. Therefore Wellington had to be there to support it.

Wellington is of the opinion that ever since Brian Cookson has become the UCI boss, he has not only had a very positive influence on cycling as a whole but on women’s cycling especially.

In Cookson’s manifesto, he mentioned that he would give priority to women’s cycling and after becoming the UCI boss he has been trying to keep up his promise.

Chrissie Wellington along with Marianne Vos, Emma Pooley and Kathryn Bertine started an initiative called the La Tour Entier to help boost women’s cycling and improve it further.

It was because of the La Tour Entier campaign that the La Course by Le Tour de France was started this year in July. La Course is the first step towards the realization of the aim for creating a Tour de France for women professional cyclists.

Wellington was very pleased and felt really emotional for the response that La Course was able to attract. The media coverage the event garnered was absolutely pleasing and impressive. The event was won by Marianne Vos (Rabo-Liv cycling team).

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Rafa Nadal en el fútbol con David Bisbal y Alberto Contador

August 19th, 2014 — 11:03am

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Sir Bradley Wiggins kept away from the 2014 Tour de France

July 22nd, 2014 — 12:28pm

Team Sky has confirmed about Sir Bradley wiggins excluded from the Tour de France of the year 2014 thereby defending champion Chris Froome again leading their squad.

Wiggins being the first winner of the Le Tour 2012 is now in England’s track and road race squads for the commonwealth games in Glasgow. According to sir Dave brailsford the boss of team sky there is a lot more racing left in Bradley wiggins. He continues saying that it was a very tough decision for him since Bradley had been a great champion.Froome and wiggins fell out during the 2012 Tour when froome appeared to have been disobeying orders by pulling away his team-mate during stage 11 before dropping back again.Earlier the month wiggins told the BBC that he might just miss that year’s race. Again after winning the British time-trial championship he expressed his disappointments on a personal level but as per the team point of view the team had put the strongest squad up as its stand.

Brailsford insisted that he picked the team that had the best chance of winning and praised Wiggins for being fundamental to the growth of cycling in the U.K. He continued saying that it is always about where one stands now and his job is to predict the best probability to win.It was only one race. There still was a future and lot more racing was left with Bradley Wiggins. Shane Sutton the head of team England’s Commonwealth cycling team stated his happiness for being able to welcome Sir Bradley back to the track team for the commonwealth games. Bradley’s addition would be a real boost to the rest of the tracking team. He also said that the decision about who would ride at what event would be made nearer the time and meanwhile froome was excited to be beginning the defence of his Tour de France title in England.

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Alberto Contador visita el Hospital de Arganda

July 22nd, 2014 — 5:14am

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Alberto Contador let rival Andy Schleck win the Tour de France s showpiece stage in t

June 23rd, 2014 — 10:52pm

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Tour de France: Sheffield roads get a makeover

June 22nd, 2014 — 10:20pm

Damaged roads and potholes are causing major damage to vehicles in Sheffield and very recently has cost the government a massive 1.23 million. The construction workers have taken up the entire stretch between Sheffield and the German city Cologne in an effort to fix the city roads. The Council contractor has had a tough time in the past 18 months clearing up the 13,000 odd complaints of bad roads from the local people. These 18 months have seen a number of the worst rainfalls, ice and snow in the past few years.

The highway team has been split up in groups and they are working on the Streets Ahead of the resurfacing project- this is spread across fourteen areas to get work done at a faster pace. Dangerous potholes are being attended to on an emergency basis and are being repaired within twenty four hours and the less urgent ones are taken up in twenty right days. And with less than hundred days left for the Tour de France, the city officials are confident to be ready with a smooth road by summers. Also there are plans of a highway maintenance program as informed by the Jim Pursglove, highways maintenance manager who considers safety to be of primary importance.

The Tour de France team has already done a primary round of survey and has identified the problem areas within this road stretch. Jim ensures that all these will be covered within the given timelines. There are designated inspectors who have been given the duty to identify the risk areas.

Sheffield Council cabinet member for the environment, Coun Jack Scott, has ensured that a large number of time and effort are being put into getting the situation of the pavements and roads improved and he has a firm belief that the resurfacing that is being done here is more than any other English city.

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Cycling Tips Climbing – Alberto Contador Climbing Secrets Exposed

May 26th, 2014 — 4:47pm

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